Online Seminars 

Online seminars are a great way to increase your knowledge and understand your dog, in the comfort of your armchair!


The subjects will include the following, with more added as per demand:


How to recognise stress in your dog

- Dog Body Language

- Calming Signals, what are they and how do i recognise them?


Online Scentwork

This Scentwork class is a perfect fit for dogs from 8 weeks old to Golden Oldies. It also gives confidence and stimulation to sensitive, fearful or rescue dogs that need an enjoyable stress free outlet.


For some dogs and owners, a structured c​ourse in a class environment isn't always appropriate or convenient. 


Training online is also ideal for people who live out of area, or people who just enjoy training in the comfort of their own home. This course gives you a perfect start for testing how good your dog's nose really is... be warned, it is highly addictive! 


  • By introducing nose-work at home it builds a quicker connection between you and your dog, which is priceless when out and about in distracting places.
  • Being online means that all dogs progress as their own pace, learning alongside a max of 5 other people and gives you the chance to get to know other dog owners and share the joy that nose-work brings.


Please go to my Facebook page Just Rewards Dog Training for details of the next class or contact me at to secure your place.

Online Puppy Training

Enjoy classes from the comfort of your own home with all the family and none of the hassle.  For puppies you can start before injections at 8 weeks, and from anywhere in the country. 


For some less confident puppies or rescue dogs, class environments can be detrimental so they can positively benefit from quiet training at home, going at a slower pace, gradually introducing distractions they can cope with until they are a little older and are ready to come to big dog school!


Being online means that all pups progress as their own pace, learning alongside a max of 5 other people and its great fun and very easy to do.


The follow on Puppy PLUS class is also available online.


Both puppy courses will guide you through a socialisation plan for your pups to get used to the great outdoors and meet other dogs and people in a safe and controlled manner.


A list of current classes are listed at the top of Just Rewards Dog Training Facebook page or send an email for more details.


Just Rewards is based in Hutton Roof, Kirkby Lonsdale, near Kendal, Cumbria.  If you have any queries, wish to make an appointment or sign on for classes, please contact Lisa:


T: 015242 36366

M: 079133 53344

Email: mailbox@

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