Junior Classes - Silver Level

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Junior classes are held over 5 weekly sessions at Fraser Hall, Cowan Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale.

Course Content

Although the course is designed to follow on from the Puppy Class, it is suitable for young dogs coming to training for the first time.  The aim of this course is to help you and your dog through the adolescent stage when sometimes your dog seems less biddable and less communicative - much like teenagers of another species we all know and love!


It isn't unusual for owners to feel their 'perfect' puppy has a character change around the age of 7 - 9 months; this is often the result of a little complacency, your puppy has been busy training you too over the past few months!


The Junior Course teaches you how to get your relationship back on track and re- establish communication and better control.  We fine tune the exercises taught earlier so although the puppies have moved from kindergarten to big school the training is still all done by motivation and fun.


The emphasis of the course is on:

  • Understanding adolescent behaviour
  • Loose lead walking on and off lead
  • Coming when called
  • Interacting well with other dogs
  • Leaving something when told
  • Impulse and distance control
  • Off lead control around distractions
  • Meeting and greeting appropriately
  • and lots more!


Our Philosophy

Our classes are designed to promote positive behaviour and socialisation whilst discouraging unwanted behaviours to develop.   We help owners to understand how dogs learn and how to get the best out of them by using kind, fair and effective traning methods.   We also teach owners how to read dog body language which is an essential part of dog ownership.  Happy puppies are our priority so the classes are designed to be fun, in a relaxed informal atmosphere. 

Just Rewards Dog Training

Just Rewards is based in Kirkby Lonsdale, near Kendal, Cumbria.  If you have any queries, wish to make an appointment or sign on for classes, please contact Lisa:


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