Distance & Impulse Control for Gundog Breeds

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Wouldn't it be great to have control of your dog from a distance?


Gundog training is a fantastic discipline which enriches the life of both dog and owner. Gundogs have been bred for generations to enhance their most useful instincts. Watch your dog come into their own by honing in on their inate skills and simply doing what they are hardwired to do.  We will channel their surplus energy and enthusiasim with lots of mental stimulation and impulse control.


Our training is done with canvas dummies. Whether you are looking for a Field Trial Champion or a happy, well trained companion and some outdoor fun, these courses are for you.


We have different courses for differing levels, from the novice to the more advanced, with grades to be acheived along the way.


If your dog isn't comfortable around other dogs, I can offer private sessions. 


Please contact Lisa at mailbox@justrewardsdogtraining.co.uk for more information and course dates.

Just Rewards is based in Hutton Roof, Kirkby Lonsdale, near Kendal, Cumbria.  If you have any queries, wish to make an appointment or sign on for classes, please contact Lisa:


T: 015242 36366

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