Scentwork for dogs

Did you know, dogs possess up to an incredible 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose, whereas humans contain around 5 million; it's no wonder they drool when a cooked chicken comes out of the oven! 


Scentwork is an excellent way to connect with your dog. It builds trust and increases your bond as you work as a team; the result of which is massively rewarding for both dog and handler. It also helps build concentration and confidence in young or impulsive dogs.  It is also incredibly tiring as a lot of concentration is required, so great for lively dogs to channel their energy into a new hobby.


Using their incredible natural ability and desire to search, a dog can find and differentiate thousands of smells, you will be amazed and addicted in no time!


Each dog and handler works to their own ability individually, so this class is open to any dog of any age. There are different levels from Novice through to Advanced.


If your dog isn't comfortable in the company of other dogs, this can be accommodated as each dog works individually, they just need to be able to rest in the car in between sessions. Alternatively, i can do private lessons via Zoom for you to set up at home.


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